HopSauce Festival 2017

HopSauce Festival 2017

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Hop Sauce Festival offers 3 levels of tickets:

1. General Admission (Non-Drinking). This is for anyone who wants to attend HopSauce but DOES NOT intend on sampling the 30+ unique craft brews. 

2. Beer Tasting Ticket:  This grants you full access to HopSauce Festival to sample over 30+ craft brews, and comes with a personal pilsner glass. 

3. VIP Ticket:  This is an exclusive and unique way to experience HopSauce Fest. You will be given private access to the VIP tent where food, beer, and special amenities will come to YOU. Limited to 150 people. 

NOTE: In certain cases your e-ticket will end up in your email's SPAM folder. Please check your spam upon reciept.