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Sinkane Digs Hot Sauce

One of the coolest things about Hop Sauce is the cross overs. Who can forget when Ship Bottom Brewery launched their Chegg IPA a few years back?

We like to think the bands have a good time as well. This is a little different experience for them. And apparently, Ahmed Gallab of Sinkane is into hot sauce.

"I am very much a food obsessive person and hot sauce is one of my favorite things in the world. I'm Sudanese and hot sauce is a cornerstone of our cuisine. In Sudan it is made with peanut butter and I am known to put it on everything - even ice cream. Other hot sauces of my liking come from the Caribbean. I cant get enough of scotch bonnet hot sauces!"

Turns was also a fan of The Boss' Saucery before he even knew it was at Hop Sauce. So maybe meet up with Ahmed over some Devil's Dynamite and then catch Sinkane, headlining in the evening.