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Makeshift Union announces artists for Hop Sauce 2017

In 2016, Hop Sauce welcomed the MakeShift Union to the festival for the first time for a section of the festival grounds called MakeShift Row... and we were thrilled that we did.

Following our second Hop Sauce in 2015, our friends began the Makers Fest, a September festival on the mainland that celebrates the underground current of makers who are changing the landscape of production and consumerism in America. Each year, they celebrate homegrown talent with a range of crafts and there's a good bit of cross-over with the Hop Sauce family.

Well, the MakeShift Union is proud to announce these fine crafters for Hop Sauce, on June 3: 

Corey Hudson Art

Pretty Piney

Surfside Sea Glass Jewelry

The Wandering Gypsea

Kristin Myers 

Swing Graphics



Burma Shore Openers

Upcycled Library

Seventeenth Street Designs

NJ Vintage Badges

Favor House Atlantic


Apeiron Yoga






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