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"It's not just a hot sauce, it's a way of life."

In 2013, while Long Beach Island was in the throes of Superstorm Sandy recovery, Ed Bucholtz of Born to Hula All Natural Provisions was making a delivery to Spice It Up, in Beach Haven's Bay Village.

He looked out at the field across the street and said, "Beach Haven would be a great spot for a hot sauce and craft beer festival."

Spice It Up's Regina Lotito got the gears spinning and knew right where to go with the idea.

That was the true beginning of Hop Sauce. 2014 saw an amazing turn out for a first year event and we've only grown since then.

 With Hop Sauce Fest 2018 less than two weeks away, we sure are glad Ed had that light bulb moment. Born to Hula has been with us every single Hop Sauce with all smiles and some heat. Rated a Fuego All-Star, they carry all natural, award-winning sauces like the Ghost of Ancho, Reaper of Sorrow and our favorite, the Smokehouse Blues. Plus they've expanded to foods like the Biergarten Yellow Dill Mustard Mild and Smokehouse Salsa.

Stop by the Born to Hula tent next Saturday, give Ed a fist bump and try one of his amazing fiery selections.