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Check out Ship Bottom Brewery's Barnegat Lager

If you’ve spent any time around LBI this winter, you might have seen the nifty new can of Barnegat Lager that’s been kicking around the Island. Or more importantly, you got to taste it.

Ship Bottom Brewery is Long Beach Island’s first and only brewery, located in Bay Village in the heart of Beach Haven.

It all started in the summer of 1995 in Ship Bottom, that first batch of beer in a home brew kit that consisted of a plastic bucket, large spoon, bottling bucket and some bottle caps. They’ve since refined the craft and today have five year round brews including the Barnegat Light Lager in its new can. It’s a classic German Lager with a malty aroma, subtle fruit flavor from the Munich malt, and crisp finish, all a salute to Old Barney, LBI’s most recognizable icon.

Ship Bottom Brewery set Hop Sauce on fire in 2015 when they tapped their first keg of Chicken or the Egg Collaboration IPA, with a line around the block. They've been a hearty supporter of Hop Sauce and when we had our first Office Party with the Law Office of William Wright and Realtor, CJ Davies, Ship Bottom brought the brews.

The crew at Ship Bottom Brewery invites you to come, take a brewery tour and taste what’s brewing. And you’ll defnitley want to see what goodness they tap into at the festival this year.


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